Manage your Content on the website

The WordPress website is a fantastic facility for content management.

Your Content Management
Your Content management - Grammarly will check it

Manage your Content on the website, create a page for your product or service, focused posts or blogs to cover new additions or announcements, and you can link these to your social media. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, plus others.

Create a post, it will appear immediately on your social media you select, to maximise your audience.

Make the content read correctly; I sometimes struggle to have the content grammatically correct. Now I use Grammarly to keep me right for punctuation and more importantly wordy or grammatical errors.

Content optimised for SEO (search engine optimisation), with text and images, and hopefully have a flow to it, for the best user experience.

For email marketing, are you collecting contacts to create a newsletter mail list, Grammarly will check everything as you type in your newsletter, you can now write with confidence, knowing Grammarly is functioning in the background.

You can make your content great with Grammarly

To Demonstrate the Basics that Grammarly this is Grammarly in operation.

Mispellings and grammatical errors can effect your credibility. The same goes for misused commas, and other types of punctuation . Not only will Grammarly underline these issues in red, it will also showed you how to correctly write the sentence.

Underlines that are blue indicate that Grammarly has spotted a sentence that is unnecessarily wordy. You’ll find suggestions that can possibly help you revise a wordy sentence in an effortless manner.

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