A powerful tool to create stunning contact forms

WPForms multiple page forms

Want more content on you to contact form?
Your frustrated that you cannot do this with a single contact form
WPForms have multiple page contact forms where you can add lots of targeted information.

Have a look at WPForms, a powerful tool to create stunning contact forms, that can be customised to meet almost all situations.

Multiple Page WPForms

The layout of the initial page should contain the usual name – email address and some descriptive text, the advantage of multiple page format is you can make a page break add a page title and add another page.

WPForms multiple page form here are some typical layouts for second-page titles:

Payment Details

If you are having an event or function or payment for goods, on the page you would have name address, with payment details, through PayPal or Stripe (these payment options available as standard)

Conduct a Survey

You could run a survey with questions, and answer in text boxes, or have multiple choice answers via checkbox or drop-down with your choice and text boxes for comments.

Terms and Conditions

These can be contained on an additional page to making sure fully presented and totally upfront within the business transaction.

Custom Satisfaction

Assess the performance of your service with checkboxes and slider with scales on aspects of service provided and comment text boxes.

Alternative Offers

Selection of Coupons, with offers for the product or service with additional benefits or discounts, for your eCommerce website.

WPForms Multipage Contact form

By customising a WPForms Multipage Contact form, you take command of the conversation on an enquiry with much more detail when the user visiting your website, gets in touch.

GDPR and Captcha

All WPForms have GDPR compliance and also Captcha security inclusive as standard.

For Multipage forms from WPForms

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a powerful tool to create stunning contact forms