How To Select Website Hosting – Domain Name

Website  Hosting and Domain Name

Website Hosting

Website Hosting – Domain Name Setting up a new website with hosting and a domain name on the internet, can be daunting, we can steer you through the options.

Website Hosting, I can advise on hosting packages available from several providers.
We use Siteground to host the websites:,, and and
The hosting packages selected match the size of the site and the content of the website:
the number of pages, email addresses, e-commerce and blog/posts, and the number of users at any time.

Website  Hosting and Domain Names
Domain Names

Website Domain Names

Custom website design

When selecting a Website Domain name, the name can now be more relevant to your business or location.
Many options are available, from the traditional ( and (.com) to a more focused suffix, that will reflect your location or industry – .scot or .agency etc.

Website Hosting Domain Names
Website  Hosting and Domain Name
Website  Hosting and Domain Names with SiteGround
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