website layout

Website Content Management

Website Content Management.

Depends entirely on image or text-based website

First all you must take into account the adaptability and responsive nature of any layout ensuring it is suitable to match the large screen sizes on large desktop screens to smaller smartphone screen and all sizes in between.

Website Content – Images

 Your Photographic gallery of images can be presented in several ways

Website Content

A grid layout of images on single page equally or artistically laid out with captions and individual clickable links for more details.
Also with a light-box feature click to show an enlarged view of the image

And or as well a slider (carousel) of images that can be timed to display a selected number or all of images showing your range.

Website Content – Text

If your article has a lot of written information the layout management with the following options

Website Content LayoutOptions
This can like a newspaper layout with lots of articles with headers on each page lead in with titled caps and further text. Depending on the page layout and content size this can be in a boxed/column (contained) format.
Or on a scrolling full-page layout, with the text cover the whole page width.
In this instance, you have to take into account the responsive nature of the layout and suitability of desktop to smartphone screen sizes.

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