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The best tips I have to create a web design in WordPress

The future of website creation is here.

These are the best website builder tips I have when creating web design in WordPress

The aim is to have a website marketing your product or service.

I have highlighted the importance of preparing your content before moving to web design, this stage is so vital when producing a great site.


Here are some initial and obvious steps to take before you start on a website design.

Your website name: it can be your company name or hobby or product name, one that is generic to what you wish to show the world.


At least 3 pages of content:

  1. your front page, showing an overview of you product or service
  2. About Us page, a bit about the company or your background.
  3. another page covering a recent product release you wish to promote as a Blog
  4. At least 4 or 5 images or pictures you wish to show on your site, team pics, product pics or other images. At least on 1200pix by 600pix to act as a banner heading.

Now you have the content ready, to initially create a 3 or 4 page website.

  • Front Page
  • About Us
  • Blog page
  • Contact Us – contact details: location (map) email address – phone number.

Now you got all this together you are all set to move to the next stage in building your website.


Building your website select a Website Domain Name


Select a suitable domain name, this can be in line with your company name, or a generic name related to the product or service you are promoting. The domain name with a suffix, reflecting your business, some examples, .com (international) .co.uk (UK company) .org (Charity or non Profit) and .scot (based in Scotland) .agency (an agency) lots of options.


Lots of options you can take here, the size of site depends on 

  1. size of the site in MB 
  2. number of visitors or traffic (bandwidth)

The Website host must have SSL as standard to give you a secure https:// site name/

The Website host should be able to provide an email address in line with your domain name (name@example.co.uk)

website builder with WordPress.org

As I am suggesting using WordPress.org, one of the largest website publishing software being used in the world, lots of Website hosting packages provide WordPress.

Also if you are just starting out, I recommend that you use a Website host such as SiteGround who provide a Starter Pack of initial plugins and website themes for you to use.


SiteGround Website Hosting Video, building your website

For SiteGround information click here

With the initial pack for SiteGround you can select the following:

  • Theme selection
  • Jetpack Plugin
  • WPForms Contact form
  • Event Calendar
  • Google Analytics
  • SG Optimiser – for Cache and Image Optimization

This a great batch of tools to get you going.

Building your website now enter your content

You can start to enter your content now, bringing you site to how you’d like it.

You can Spell Check and Grammar check (free option with Grammarly)

Instant Spelling And Grammar Checker

You can keep the search engines switched off on your site by going to Settings – Reading and checking the box, Search engine visibility (to discourage search engines) for the moment.

WordPress settings - website builder

add these essential plugins for your site:

1) Updraft Plus to back up your website, this can be set to daily – weekly – monthly and backs up to a remote server – Google Drive, should be adequate for 15GB at no cost and cover 2-3 backups.

2 ) For free you can have Wordfence Sentry, to protect your website against hackers.

3) To comply with the legal documents, then set up the plugin WPAutoterms, it provides GDPR Privacy, Cookies Policy, Terms and Conditions.

Also for SEO

WordPress Yoast SEP Plugin - website builder

Yoast SEO Plugin helps you with your website optimization, with it’s widely used SEO software.

Additional website Building Blocks for your Website

You can select website building blocks, such a Elementor or SiteOrigin Page Builder,
or just stick with Gutenberg and use the standard plugins that I now use. (all are free)

Website Builder ready to launch

You’re ready to go

Just have a quick run over your site and check all the content of the site are correct.

then go to Setting – reading – uncheck the box, and Search Engines now look at your site.

That’s it, all you need to have your website up and running.

If you have any problems or need me to help in any way, just get in touch>>>

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