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A new website or revamp?

A new website or revamp?

A new website or revamp your existing site, we can look at your site or requirements and make a proposal on what you will generate more user.

I’ve just jotted down a few pointers that we will consider during a discussion.
Need a new website or revamp here are some pointers to content management.

  • Domain Name
  • Content – information you want to publish
  • Presentation format – single page or brochure
  • Contact details: email, phone, location map
  • Posts or press releases regularly
  • Social Media links
  • Website Hosting
  • Purchase eCommerce content required
  • Your total budget allocated, for the cost of setting up and also ongoing maintenance

Norm4webdesign can help you build and create a great website that will truly enhance your products or services.

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A website design or update

a website design, or update to your website

website design

 Very quickly within a week, I can fire up a professional-looking website, to the marketplace fully customised with your content, readily available and cost-effective.

A website design, or update To your site,  providing a professional website layout and design to promote your business. 

I can offer suggestions, suitable Themes that will be tailored to suit your business or service.

DIY or Pro

Do you want a website? DIY or Pro?

Do you want a website? DIY or Pro?

How best to spend your money?

Do you want a website? DIY or Pro?

The client wants a professional website that will reflect their image and profile in the marketplace and is value for money.

Many clients believe that they can do it themselves, after all, loads of templates with excellent presentations exist on the internet either free or can purchase for a few pounds.
They know what they want on the website, both with images and text content.
But does not know or take into consideration the time required to build a perfect site, and the in-house effort may be better employed by generating revenue by pursuing business opportunities.

The most cost-effective way is to contract a website designer to build the site, this will have the benefit of developing a website more quickly and presenting a professional-looking site, that will of course have incorporated all the necessary bells and whistles.

The vital background issues of Image and Search Engine Optimisation, the speed for the site to load, compatibility and Responsive to various screen sizes, links throughout the site and Email and Hosting set up are all taken care of by the professional website designer.

The site will contain Content Management with Posts or Blogs, offers or information on developments made by the client, can link (feed) simultaneously with Social Media, Facebook, Twitter and others, broadcasting announcements and raising the profile of the company.

The Customer/Client may consider the price saving by building in-house, though must realise that while they may be able to do most of this themselves, the cost and timescale to cover all the options is an unknown quantity.

Website Designer
It is necessary to provide a quality website, and the designer must provide a realistic price and timescale, enabling delivery of the site that satisfies all the objectives.

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Social Media and Website

Maximise your exposure

Maximise your exposure
With Website and Social Media Platforms synchronised.

Website and Social Media should complement each other in the overall marketing strategy.
When posts are simultaneously published on the website and social media, in a proactive way.

Website and social media platforms synchronised

Social media marketing

Social Media is good at headline coverage with short articles, broadcasted to a wider audience, taking the topic and company name to a potentially huge market.

With articles being published on social media on a frequent basis the latest news item will be moved down the list by new posts, reducing the effectiveness of the post. Social Media linked to the website directs more traffic to the website.

When the post is generated via the website,  it will be kept on the website which can be viewed by at a later date when visiting the site, a great resource that can be seen over time.

With your website displaying your storefront covering your full range of products and services, more views generated equals more opportunities.

So by publishing the post/blog on the website and having it linked to social media results in raising awareness of all your products or services.

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