monsterinsights analytics

The Best Website analytics with Monsterinsights

Website analytics with Monsterinsights MonsterInsights: Install Google Analytics to your WordPress site could not be more straightforward. Google Analytics on your website dashboard with Monsterinsights Never before has it been this easy to have your website analytical data appear on your WordPress website. The first steps on having analytics included […]

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envato website themes

How to Select a Theme for your website

It’s now easier to select a Theme for your website design How to Select a Theme for your website, the selection of Website themes, from Envato Market, the range of themes available is huge, with just under 48,000 themes, covering all categories including 11,000 WordPress themes. Selection can be made […]

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drafting webpage layout

The content must be responsive to screen size

A Website must be responsive to screen sizes A website design must be responsive to fit all screen sizes at the design stage. Since the growth in the use of smartphones and tablets usage now exceeding desktop computers this has generated a whole new conceptual requirement. Responsive to screen sizeIt is […]

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website layout

Website layout of your content

Website Content Layout Depends entirely on image or text-based websiteWebsite layout of your content must take into account the adaptability and responsive nature of any layout, ensuring it is suitable to match the large screen sizes on large desktop screens to smaller smartphone screen and all sizes in between. Website […]

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Social Media and Website

Manage your Social Media from your Website

Social Media from your Website Website and Social Media should complement each other in the overall marketing strategy.When posts are simultaneously published on the website and social media, in a proactive way. Social media managed from your website Social Media is good at headline coverage with short articles, broadcasted to […]

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