website or social media

Social Media or Website – which is best

It may be easier to post on social media, rather than post on a website.

website or social media

Social Media or Website

With social media, it’s done! A real-time entry that immediately shows quick results and you can see the benefits, views and likes, within minutes or hours.

When taking a wider view, what is lost is the longevity, social media is short term, the post being pushed down by more recent posts and off-screen.
While if routed via a website the benefit is the post will be online and recorded in the website portfolio of posts/press releases and events, for a long time.

The Website portfolio can be viewed by prospects and subscribers to add to the sustainability and stature of the website owner, along with the other featured content of the website.

So developing a Content Management System, with post-social media discipline on the website, will result in publication simultaneously on the website and several social media sites.

The results in a win/win, views and likes on social media and a permanent record on the website.

I can take care of your website needs, you will be able to update and promote your brand to gain maximum coverage.

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Social Media and Website

Maximise your exposure

Maximise your exposure
With Website and Social Media Platforms synchronised.

Website and Social Media should complement each other in the overall marketing strategy.
When posts are simultaneously published on the website and social media, in a proactive way.

Website and social media platforms synchronised

Social media marketing

Social Media is good at headline coverage with short articles, broadcasted to a wider audience, taking the topic and company name to a potentially huge market.

With articles being published on social media on a frequent basis the latest news item will be moved down the list by new posts, reducing the effectiveness of the post. Social Media linked to the website directs more traffic to the website.

When the post is generated via the website,  it will be kept on the website which can be viewed by at a later date when visiting the site, a great resource that can be seen over time.

With your website displaying your storefront covering your full range of products and services, more views generated equals more opportunities.

So by publishing the post/blog on the website and having it linked to social media results in raising awareness of all your products or services.

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