one page website

One page website

This is a demonstration of what can be achieved on a one-page website, a rapid set up with all the information necessary to go to market on what we do, with products. contact details and social media links. What we do Website Hosting Products contact me for details

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Let me organise your Website design and development

Need help with your Website

Need help with your Website? Need help with your website design, I can organise your website and ongoing development programme. Norm4webdesign  can design and develop a website, multiple page site or a single page, as well as the continued development and maintenance of the site. I can put together a […]

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content is king

Content is King

Content is King Overloaded or to the Point!! Single page or multiple pages – Content is King A website is a great medium, bear in mind the content is king. Lurking is the temptation to overload the site with lots of information covering all your product catalogues with a full description […]

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