It is easier to post on social media, rather than on a website but is it the best way to convey your message.

Post by Social Media or Website which is best

Social Media or Website

Post by Social Media
Post by social media and it’s done!
A real-time entry that immediately shows results and you can see the benefits, views and likes, within minutes or hours.
Social media is, however, a short term measure, as the post will be pushed down by more recent activity and soon be off-screen.

Post by Website
When you post on a website.
The post will be online and on the website blog file of posts of events and press releases all categorised and viewed, for a long time, building up a record of all events.

The Website benefits from being a longer term view with posts being read by prospects and subscribers as a one-place resource, along with the other content on the website.

Content Management
If you use the Content Management System, with the post on the website being linked to social media, this will result in publication simultaneously on the website and your social media sites.

The results in a win/win, views and likes on social media and a permanent record on the website.

I can take care of your website, you will be able to update and promote your brand to gain maximum coverage.

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Post by Social Media or Website which is best