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Social Media Marketing on Facebook and Twitter
continues to grow

Social Media Marketing on Facebook and Twitter continues in popularity with over 50% of internet users active on Social Media.
All website owners must make sure they keep up with this expanding trend, you can now publish more content on social media by synchronising website blogs/posts directly with Social Media.

These benefits are overlooked by many website owners when creating a post on their website, missing the opportunity to make a direct and simultaneous link between to your website and social media sites, (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc), can be done automatically.

It is, therefore, a must-do, link your Website Posts to Social Media enabling all your channels to be up to date on your latest activities.
This is easily achievable by using the Jetpack plug-in (on WordPress) and it’s Publicize tool, and when implemented your posts will link all Social Media platforms.

Social Media Marketing internet stats 2020
Information from data presented by SlideShare

If you contact Norm4webdesign and I will link your website blogs/posts or press releases to be published on Social Media instantly.
This a great way of utilising the website posts to maximise coverage of announcements and keeping all your channels up to date.

Social Media Marketing

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