WPForms, would you believe it now you can create a Simple Order Form, for WordPress.

Simple Order Form for WordPress with WPForms

To Create an Order Form using WPForms, it is remarkably easy, with WPForms, you can have it fully up and running and able to take business orders online in no time at all.

With WPForms Order Form you can add items, pricing details and be able to collect payment make this simple Order Form an extremely powerful, and useful tool, to have in your business website.

You can use the WPForms standard template, as a basis for creating a customized order form, or you can use the blank contact form and design a form, as you like it.

Simple Order Forms

WPForms Order/Billing Template

Using the Order/Billing template gives a good starting point and you can modify the form to suit, with product description, price and quantity.

I have created an order form below using WPForms, with a couple of items and descriptions and pricing, leading right through to payment options.
The form can be more secure by adding reCaptcha and have GDPR consent (checkbox) for further communication.

When the order has been completed and submitted the system will generate a response email confirming receipt of the order, which you can customize as required.

The Order/Billing Template demonstrates the capabilities of WPForms, which is not just a contact form, but a really versatile tool to have on your website.


Cotton Socks White with comfort heals and toes
Pair of Black Shoes on offer size 10 Leather upper and composite sole
£ 0.00

Creating an Order with Payment

To have the Payment feature, you need to upgrade to WPForms Pro

Simple Order Form with WPForms