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You must have Security and Backup your Website

Security and Backup on your website builds confidence

On your website, it’s a must to have full confidence and assurance that your site is secure from attacks and it is imperative to have the site completely backed up on a frequent and regular basis to secure and remote storage.

security and backup


Security of your website, with protection and prevention of malware, attempts to break into your site and provide Firewall security around the website. Find hacks and malicious code on your website with a free
with the installed, it will scan further for hidden malware, remove any hack, and provide ongoing protection.
It will safely remove any malicious code in your website file system and database. and can restore your site completely.
To Prevent Future Attacks the website firewall blocks attacks by filtering malicious traffic. stopping possible hacks and speed up your site.


Keeping your website backed up with several editions on a remote server, improves the integrity with the knowledge of your website, should you have a server crash, or an error on an update, you can recover and restore your site from a previous backup.
Backups up to 100Gb with backup intervals that can be set from 4 hourly through to monthly.  The number of backups, (pruning of the older backups) can be held on Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon, and others. 
The database is help encrypted on the storage and is also encrypted during transport to the cloud storage. 
Restore backup is simple by selecting the backup required and all controlled from the plugin console.

Confidence and Reassurance

Building confidence that the reassurance your website will not be compromised in the event of a malicious attempt to hack into your site and knowledge should you have a crash in any way you can restore your website for past and dated backups.

Security and Backup