How to Prevent Phishing

What is Phishing and how
to Protect Yourself

how to stay safe from phishing scams

What is Phishing

What Is Phishing How To Protect Yourself, this is how to stay safe from phishing scams when it seems that online phishing attacks are on the rise.
Now that everybody stays at home and people spend much more time online, online scams are skyrocketing and many people fall victim to them.
Here is our short guide on simple things to remember to stay safe from phishing attacks, while you’re staying safely at home. 


Born circa 1995, just 4 years after the first site appeared, phishing refers to the practice of using deceptive emails and websites to illegally get personal and corporate information from users.
That information – usernames, passwords, credit cards – is later used to steal either money or more information. 

The word “phishing” itself is a combination of “fishing” and “phreaks” which was what hackers used to call themselves. The practice of phishing is considered a form of social engineering, which is a term for manipulating people by falsely representing themselves in the context of web security. 

How to stay safe from Phishing

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