online store

Building an Online Store or e-commerce store

online store, for shopping on the internet.

Selection of products that can be bought on an when online shopping

The store can hold actual hardware product to be shipped, delivered locally or downloaded.
Cost for the product with added taxes can be added.
Cost for shipping to locations either worldwide or within the local area with pricing added at checkout depending on location.

online store, e-commerce shop

Purchase an item on the online store

You can have a CHOICE of size and colour


Move to Check – out and confirm you basket and order

Check out basket

Delivery cost can be charged by Post Code

online store - delivery charges can be selected by postal code

Additional features

Stock inventory can be added to the article and balance in stock shown, even when variables such as size and colour are selected.

Options on set up include delivery to Postal Code, Despatch World Wide and prepare shipping labels.

Payment methods for online shopping can be by PayPal, Stripe, or Credit card all can be setup.