Choose – Custom or Tailored

 Choose – Custom or Tailored

You have the Choice - Custom Design or Tailored Theme

Choose Custom or Tailored

When considering the main reason for a website is the presence of your portfolio/catalogue 24/7, it is imperative to select the best possible presentation reflecting the image of your product or service.
Type of website
The website can be a jam-packed passive reader full of information or a dynamically interactive site that can progressively move right through to purchase via e-commerce.
Budget and Timescale
When making a selection on which is best for you, consider the budget that’s available, timescale to satisfactory design and implementation and any continuous development that will be required of the site.
Responsive Design
All website designs now, whether Custom or Theme must be responsive to the viewed screen size… be it desktop laptop tablet or smartphone.

So the choice of which route to take:
The Choice is really covered in what do you want to have contained in your website.


The custom route enables a website to be, written and designed from scratch, in line with the desired parameters and set up exactly as ordered.
Keep updated
With Custom Design some continuous maintenance costs may be necessary to keep abreast with any developments, regarding security and changes to the programme, plus additional content changes that may be necessary.
Matching Needs
This may be the best choice by matching all the detail required of the website and be the best route to a fully comprehensive website, meeting all your needs.

WordPress themes cover a wealth of Themes for business or pleasure from blog to photography to estate agent, plus e-commerce.
The benefits of using Themes developed website, is that WordPress has thousands of Themes, either free to use or premium (paid for themes) available check out before making your decision.
You will see many leading companies use WordPress.
Wordpress Themes are kept in line with the latest software and security developments, and these can be set to update automatically.
However, with the Themes available I’m sure with a bit of tailoring a Theme can be found to fit the bill.
Budget and Timescale
It may seem a bit of a compromise to use a Theme but the adaptability and flexibility plus cost and time savings are real differentials.

Before making your choice you should search for a suitable Theme, if nothing suitable, then you have to go the Custom Design route.

which route to take

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content is king

Content is King

Content is King
Overloaded or to the Point!!
Content is King

Single page or multiple pages – Content is King
A website is a great medium, bear in mind the content is king. Lurking is the temptation to overload the site with lots of information covering all your product catalogues with a full description when in a brief shorter form with a link to fuller detail may fit the purpose. 

The difficulty in setting up a website is to make a single all-inclusive front page that will be dynamic embracing all your content or multiple page sites with menu structure to point to the areas of the portfolio on offer.
What is essential, the content must be exciting and provide an accurate representation of what you are promoting.

Single Page – Content is King
It’s now possible to have a single page that covers almost everything on your site, requiring only scroll down the page and you can input everything from the products – about us – to the team – contact form.
Beware the only downside can be load time when you have a sizeable pictorial content, you must make sure all images are fully optimised.

Multiple Pages – Content is King
Multiple pages when you want to demonstrate everything then as a short introductory front page will give quicker entry to the site, with a structured menu to enable access to the appropriate page with content.
The front page must have the contact details easily accessible either by link – menu – footer or on the page itself, to facilitate a response.

Aims and Objectives
The ultimate goal, not to be forgotten, this is an opportunity to gain more business, and the website is a vital and essential part of the process.

However great the desire to move to the marketplace, consideration must be made on content, it is always easier to respond to the enquiries and continue to build and expand any shortcomings on the site to meet demands, while keeping quality and quantity of content as king.

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7 seconds is all you get

7 Seconds is all you get!

7 seconds is all you get

7 seconds is all you get!

The challenge on website design starts right at the introduction to the site.

What does the viewer see first…will it grab their attention, has it loaded quickly, I read you recently had 7 seconds maximum.

The challenge is to develop a website, having all the content (images and text) that when the user hits the key, all you have 7 seconds, any longer and their gone.

So what must your site do within those 7 seconds, the layout is vitally essential, and content must be optimized not to delay the upload.

For desktop, showing immediately on the screen that is above the fold, or the content initially to view before you have to scroll down, must reflect the material allow the viewer to appreciate what’s on offer.

For phone/tablet, similarly, original content must be responsive to the smaller screen size, though it should still meet the pressures for rapid loading.

Internet Speed
Though the factor for mobile signal speed can influence the response time, so a lightweight intro content on the “grab their attention” is essential.

Must see
The content must have the name of the site, maybe picture + logo showing corporate heading and a menu tab, what you also do an easily reachable contact page>>>for email or phone contact.

That’s it
What does the viewer see
will it grab their attention?
Retain their interest?
Will it all happen fast enough?
In 7 seconds!!

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website layout

Website Content Management

Website Content Layout Management.

Depends entirely on image or text-based website

First, all you must take into account the adaptability and responsive nature of any layout, ensuring it is suitable to match the large screen sizes on large desktop screens to smaller smartphone screen and all sizes in between.

Website Content Layout  – Images

 Your Photographic gallery of images presented in several ways

Website Content

A grid layout of images on single page equally or artistically laid out with captions and individual clickable links for more details.
Also, with a light-box feature, click to show an enlarged view of the image.

A slider (carousel) of images to display a selected number or all of the photos showing your range.

Website Content Layout – Text

If your article has a lot of written information the layout management with the following options

Website Content LayoutOptions

Can be as a newspaper layout with lots of articles with headers on each page lead in with titled caps and further text. Depending on the page layout and content size, this can be in a boxed/column (contained) format.
Or on a full-page scrolling layout, with the text cover the whole page width.
In this instance, you have to take into account the responsive nature of the layout and suitability of desktop to smartphone screen sizes.

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Social Media and Website

Maximise your exposure

Maximise your exposure
With Website and Social Media Platforms synchronised.

Website and Social Media should complement each other in the overall marketing strategy.
When posts are simultaneously published on the website and social media, in a proactive way.

Website and social media platforms synchronised

Social media marketing

Social Media is good at headline coverage with short articles, broadcasted to a wider audience, taking the topic and company name to a potentially huge market.

With articles being published on social media on a frequent basis the latest news item will be moved down the list by new posts, reducing the effectiveness of the post. Social Media linked to the website directs more traffic to the website.

When the post is generated via the website,  it will be kept on the website which can be viewed by at a later date when visiting the site, a great resource that can be seen over time.

With your website displaying your storefront covering your full range of products and services, more views generated equals more opportunities.

So by publishing the post/blog on the website and having it linked to social media results in raising awareness of all your products or services.

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