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A Website must be responsive to screen size

A Website must embrace the different screen sizes at the design stage

A Website must embrace the different screen sizes at the design stage

Norm4webdesign recognises the growth in the use of smartphones and tablets usage now exceeding desktop computer use the marketplace has generated a whole new conceptual requirement.

It is no longer acceptable to have a desktop page that is crammed into a smaller screen size, the web page must have text and images  that conform to a layout that is easily legible without having to expand or magnify to enable you to read.

I can help you select a new layout that will be fully responsive to screen size.

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Considering a new website design or update

When considering a new website design, or updating your website, I can help you.
time is value

Want a new website design, or updating your website, I can help you. By providing the necessary professional website layout and design to promote your business. 

I can help by offering as a suggestion, a suitable Theme that will represent your business or service.

This is can be done quickly, reducing timescales for website development and firing up a professional-looking website, to the marketplace fully customised with your content in the shortest possible time, readily achievable and cost-effective.

Contact me now and I will provide a brief snapshot layout of a website to suit you. 


DIY or Pro

Do you want a website? DIY or Pro?

Do you want a website? DIY or Pro?

What does the customer want?

Do you want a website? DIY or Pro?

The customer will want a professional website design that will reflect their image and profile in the marketplace that is good value for money.

The customer may believe that they can do it themselves, after all, loads of templates with good presentations exist on the internet either free or can be bought for a few pounds.
They will know what they want on the website, both with images and text content.
The customer does not know or take into consideration the time required to build a truly good site and the in-house effort may have been better spent in generating revenue, by pursuing business opportunities.

The most cost-effective way is to contract a website designer to build the site, this will have the benefit of developing a website more quickly and presenting a professional-looking site, that will of course have incorporated all the necessary bells and whistles.

The important background issues of Image and Search Engine Optimisation, the speed for the site to load, compatibility and Responsive to various screen sizes, links throughout the site and Email and Hosting set up are all taken care of by the professional website designer.

The site will contain Content Management with Posts or Blogs, offers or information on developments made by the client, can link (feed) simultaneously with Social Media, Facebook, Twitter and others, broadcasting announcements and raising the profile of the company.

The Customer/Client may consider the price saving by building in-house, though must realise that whilst they may be able to do most of this themselves, the cost and timescale to cover all the options is an unknown quantity.

Website Designer
It is necessary to provide a quality website, and the designer must provide a realistic price and timescale, enabling delivery of the website that satisfies all the objectives.

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as easy as 1 2 3

As easy as 1 – 2 – 3 on the internet with a website or is it?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 on the internet to create a website or is it?

create a websiteSteps:
1) Got (you’ve selected) a templated Theme to use, Got a good domain name and hosting site set up the email accounts
2) You then have entered all the images and content on the site and uploaded fully the internet.
3) It all looks so easy to create a terrific looking web site.

Is that all you want?
What about social media, blogs — posts linking, search engine optimisation? Then you have to keep it up to date to maintain a presence and build the site to increase the visitor numbers and convert them into business opportunities.

How long have you spent so far on working on your site? 1 hour? 2 hours? 3 hours?  More I’d say.  

How much has it cost you in real terms? What else in your business could you be concentrating on?

A website designer or developer who will do all this for you for a single one-off cost.

Just issue the designer with the same information for all the above factors to included and it will be delivered in a fully operational site.

The professional will link to social media and having the site, search engine optimised (SEO) projecting your image to the world in the best possible way.

The website development phase, can be ongoing and expand the internet presence of your business.

By selecting the social media and other resources such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Maps, displaying your business location and opening hours, terms of business with links to website and your recent posts.

The big advantage of having website links to social media is that posts or blogs (content management) can be quickly press release published on your website and simultaneously it can be broadcast to relevant selected media.

It’s not all as easy as 1-2-3, additional expertise is necessary to make your internet presence count.

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You have the Choice - Custom Design or Tailored Theme 1

You have the Choice – Custom Design or Tailored Theme

You have the Choice – Custom Design or Tailored Theme

You have the Choice - Custom Design or Tailored ThemeWhen considering the main reason for a website is the continued presence of your portfolio/catalogue 24/7, it is imperative to select the best possible presentation reflecting the image of your product or service.
Type of website
The website can be a jam-packed passive reader full of information or a dynamically interactive site that can progressively move right through to purchase via e-commerce.
Budget and Timescale
When making a selection on which is best for you, consider the budget that’s available, timescale to satisfactory design and implementation and any continuous development that will be required of the site.
Responsive Design
All website designs now, whether Custom or Theme must be responsive to the viewed screen size… be it desktop laptop tablet or smartphone.

So the choice of which route to take:
The Choice is really covered in what do you want to have contained in your website.
You have the Choice - Custom Design or Tailored Theme 2

Custom Design

The custom route enables a website to be, written and designed from scratch, in line with the desired parameters and set up exactly as ordered.
Keep updated
With Custom Design some continuous maintenance costs may be necessary to keep abreast with any developments, regarding security and changes to the programme, plus additional content changes that may be necessary.
Matching Needs
This may be the best choice by matching all the detail required of the website and be the best route to a fully comprehensive website, meeting all your needs.

Tailored Theme
WordPress themes cover a wealth of Themes for business or pleasure from blog to photography to estate agent, plus e-commerce.
The benefits of using Themes developed website, is that WordPress has thousands of Themes, either free to use or premium (paid for themes) available check out https://wordpress.org before making your decision.
You will see many leading companies use WordPress.
Wordpress Themes are kept in line with the latest software and security developments, and these can be set to update automatically.
However, with the Themes available I’m sure with a bit of tailoring a Theme can be found to fit the bill.
Budget and Timescale
It may seem a bit of a compromise to use a Theme but the adaptability and flexibility plus cost and time savings are real differentials.

Before making your choice you should search for a suitable Theme, if nothing suitable, then you have to go the Custom Design route.

which route to take

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