Content Locking with Optinmonster

Content Locking with Optinmonster

Content Locking, what is it? You often see offers on websites or social media for free ebooks, free advice, or chance to enter a competition that’s interesting. Or maybe some really focused information that you’d like to read.

When you try to reach out and grab or download it, often you are faced with please complete your full name and email address.

I ofter wondered how do they do that and why do they do that, now I know the secret, it’s a great way to collect email addresses from particularly interesting prospects who have some synergy with your goals.

With OptinMonster you have content locking that enables that rich enticing snippet of information, just enough to grab the attention and your curiosity makes you CLICK  IN, then adding your email address and name, before then unlocked and you now have full access to what caught your eye.


OptinMonster is a great tool for email marketing and the capture and gather names of visitors to your site, an essential marketing tool to enlarge the funnel of prospects, and leading to sales conversions.

When considering a campaign, OptinMonster can help your marketing focus, with pop-ups, landing pages, and the ability to content lock, with email address collection, building a relationship with your visitors that will result in more clients for your business.

How To Quickly Grow Your Email List with Content Locking