How To Boost Conversions With A Pop-Up

By far the most annoying thing in business is because you have generated interest and the visitor for some reason decides not to complete the sale.

How To Boost Conversions With A Pop-Up

How To Boost Conversions With A Pop-Up and avoid the abandoned cart

The statistics show the up to 70% of users abandon the cart at checkout.
On an e-commerce site, this can be the prospect had gone through all the steps to proceed with the sale only to opt-out at the last minute and abandon the sale.

Also on form completion over 80% stop short of entering all their details.
Similarly when the user goes commences completing an enquiry/contact form only to fail to finalise all the details and decides to leave the site.

Maybe something else cropped up

Now in both these cases situations such as distraction, other priorities may have been why the process was not completed.

Other reasons maybe in the case of checkout, shipping or other costs appear at this late stage and the prospective client decides against completing the sale.

In a contact form, details asked for are too intrusive or lengthy and the user decides to opt-out.

Create and use COUPON POP-UP

Here’s what you can you do to convert the user who had an interest, and now moved on, check out OptinMonster they have a solution!

As the customer is about to leave a COUPON POP-UP will appear, showing an incentive that will stop the leaving prospect and make a rethink the situation.

The Coupon for a new prospect could offer:

  • free shipping
  • discount against the sale
  • Service that you can discount
  • or an ebook that might be of interest
  • Another option is to add a related product discount, for example, if the purchase was for a lawnmower, offer a hedge trimmer at a discounted price.

The evidence shows Coupon Pop-ups Boost conversion rates

Using Coupon Pop-ups it has been reported that over 50% of the potentially lost clients, do return and complete the sale/information request.

So the coupon is not a desperate or panic measure, it is strategically placed tool to convert more sales.

So no matter what you are promoting, selling, downloads or information, you can boost your conversion rate by a huge number just by being creative and not accepting it is business lost.

How To Boost Conversions With A Pop-Up

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How to boost conversions with a pop-up