content is king

Content is King

When Content is King – Overload or to the Point!!

Single page  or multiple pages – Content is King
A website is a great medium, bear in mind the content is king. Lurking is the temptation to overload the site with lots of information covering all your product catalogues with a full description when in a brief shorter form with a link to fuller detail may fit the purpose. 

The quandary in setting up a website is to make a single all-inclusive front page that will be dynamic embracing all your content or multiple page sites with menu structure to point to the areas of the portfolio on offer.
What is important the content must be interesting and provide a true representation of what you are promoting.

Single Page – Content is King
It’s now possible to have a single page that covers almost everything on your site, requiring only scroll down the page and you can input everything from the products – about us – to the team – contact form.
Beware the only downside can be load time when you have a large pictorial content, you must make sure all images are fully optimised.

Multiple Pages – Content is King
Multiple pages when you want to demonstrate everything then as a short introductory front page will give quicker entry to the site, with a structured menu to enable access to the appropriate page with content.
The front page must have the contact details easily accessible either by link – menu – footer or on the page itself, to facilitate a response.

Aims and Objectives
The ultimate goal, not to be forgotten, this is an opportunity to gain more business and the website must be treated as a vital and important part of the process.

However great the desire to move to the marketplace, consideration must be made on content, it is always easier to respond to the enquiries and continue to build and expand any shortcomings on the site to meet demands, while keeping quality and quantity of content as king.

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