Charity Fundraiser

Charity Fundraiser – Website

Website design offer as Charity Fundraiser

Charities are seeing a drop in donations I will provide a website and make a gift to charity.

At Norm4webdesign, I am offering a Website design offer as a Charity Fundraiser to help your business and, at the same time supporting the Kidney Research UK.

Do you need a professional, user-friendly (one-page) website for your business,  I’ve put together a package at a low price for a quality website, plus donate to charity?
I will design a website for you costing £125 and make a donation of £50 to charity.

As we are all reacting to these special circumstances how we communicate with our customers is essential.

I have over 10 years experience in building websites for a broad range of businesses and charities and is offering a fantastic low price whilst at the same time donating 33% of the cost to the Kidney Research UK.

From a quick consultation on the Charity Fundraiser

  • Establish your website requirements
  • Select a suitable domain relevant to your industry 
  • Arrange the website hosting for 1 year
  • Free Email as per name@example.
  • The website will be full Search Engine Optimised
  • Have a secure SSL certification – https://
  • We’ll tie in all your Social Media links – Facebook – Twitter
  • With a tailored Contact form, so that your customers can easily reach you when they need too.
  • Full contact details, name address etc.

STARTER ONE PAGE WEBSITE, with all of this for a fantastic price of £125 of which £50 is going to the NHS. (£75 set up fee, £50 goes directly to Kidney Research UK)

Typical Example of a ONE PAGE WEBSITE.

You need more than a ONE PAGE WEBSITE, we can discuss the contents and price, with a 33% donation still going to the Kidney Research UK.

one page website

One page website

This is a demonstration of what can be achieved on a one-page website, a rapid set up with all the information necessary to go to market on what we do, with products. contact details and social media links.

One Page Website.
what is achievable
on a single page

What we do

A single page site will  typically have:
Frontpage content
With Header image, logo, and full title
Introductory text and “about us” information
Full details and images to cover content, products and team pictures and scrollable single page.
Like this one for £125:00

One page Website

Hosting of the website
Will be hosted for 1 year and include a free domain name (available with as unique, address) taking advantage of a special offer fixed, 1-year deal.
Website set up Click

Website Hosting

TSO Domain Host
Siteground web hosting


email marketing
Email Marketing

responsive to screen sizes
Security and Backup
Website Analytics

Email set up

Email to Multiple Devices

Norm4webdesign will organise your email set up with domain name address.
The set up can be to read and write. on multiple devices, on desktop or smartphone or tablet.
Also, you can have the facility to log in from another remote computer to view your email via Webmail accessible from almost anywhere in the world.

Free Email

With a selected Domain Host, you can have Free Email and Email Forwarding.

Social Media

Social Media continues to grow

It a well know and expanding trend, publishers post
more content on social media.
It is possible when creating a website post to have a simultaneous link between to your website and social media sites, (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Enabling the opportunity to keep all channels up to date on your latest activities.


contact me for details

Selecting a Domain Host for your website

Selecting a Domain Host for your Website

Selecting a Domain Host for your Website

To get your Website (Domain) on the internet, or www, you need a Domain host.

Selecting a Domain Host for your website

All Domain hosts have several packages available, many will have an introductory fee for a period and then rising to the true price afterwards.

On introduction, selecting the correct plan, with a new Domain Name – Website Name some will offer this free for 1 year, depending on the domain selected.

Website Size and Hosting requirements

The plans will state the typical size of the site in Gb – this will be reflected in the number of pages on the website and the content (images – pages – e-commerce) 

Bandwidth requirement – the number of users/data handling capacity

SSL – Secure Sockets Layer is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client

Domain Hosting with Email

The host should provide free email set up with the domain name i.e, yourname@websitename

Webmail – access your email on any computer, anywhere

Email forwarding – send email to another email address

.On my website I for domain hosting TSOhost, for this site and, I have used this host for many years.

For another website, we selected Domain Hosting with  Siteground and made a migration of the website to Siteground from another host.

The SSL, secure server status on TSOhost, is at a price, though they offer free encryption for a period.
Siteground offer full SSL as a standard with no extra cost.

Finally, the choice of Domain Hosting is yours and there are many to choose from in the marketplace, should you need any further information or assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.

Domain Hosting Services

TSO Domain Host


Siteground Website Hosting


Get in touch and we can discuss options

Let me organise your Website design and development

Need help with your Website

Need help with your Website?

Need help with your website, I can organise your website and ongoing development programme.

Norm4webdesign  can design and develop a website, multiple pages site or a single page, as well as the continued development and maintenance of the site.

Norm4webdesign can put together a proposal for a single page will meet the need for a quick internet presence.

A single page site will  typically have:
Frontpage content
With Header image, logo, and full title
Introductory text and “about us” information
Full details and images to cover content, products and team pictures and scrollable single page

Contact via the email address
full contact details, telephone and address.

Hosting of the website
Will be hosted for 1 year and include a free domain name (available with as unique, address) taking advantage of a special offer fixed, 1-year deal.

Search Engine Optimisation
Full listing and link to search engines to gain maximum exposure

Care and Maintenance
The ongoing peak performance of your website is a priority in maintaining a user-friendly site.
By keeping your website up to date, it will be less vulnerable to invasive hacking, with regular backups it is recoverable at all times.
The WordPress Care packages, Essential, Standard, and Advanced Care Packages, cover all the necessary and added functions focused in keeping this vital marketing tool right up to date with the latest technologies and with reports on activity and integrating with targeted marketing plans. See page for further details

The above offer is dependant on an initial supply of suitable content, and all correspondence between us completed within 24 hours.

The above is priced from £125:00 (depending on content)

Look forward to hearing from you contact >>>>

internet presence

A new website or revamp?

A new website or revamp?

A new website or revamp your existing site, we can look at your site or requirements and make a proposal on what you will generate more user.

I’ve just jotted down a few pointers that we will consider during a discussion.
Need a new website or revamp here are some pointers to content management.

  • Domain Name
  • Content – information you want to publish
  • Presentation format – single page or brochure
  • Contact details: email, phone, location map
  • Posts or press releases regularly
  • Social Media links
  • Website Hosting
  • Purchase eCommerce content required
  • Your total budget allocated, for the cost of setting up and also ongoing maintenance

Norm4webdesign can help you build and create a great website that will truly enhance your products or services.

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