website or social media

Social Media or Website – which is best

It may be easier to post on social media, rather than post on a website. Social Media or Website With social media, it’s done! A real-time entry that immediately shows quick results and you can see the benefits, views and likes, within minutes or hours. When taking a wider view, […]

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drafting webpage layout

The website must be responsive to screen size

A Website must embrace the different screen sizes at the design stage. Norm4webdesign recognises the growth in the use of smartphones and tablets usage now exceeding desktop computer use the marketplace has generated a whole new conceptual requirement. It is no longer acceptable to have a desktop page squeezed onto a smaller […]

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your design here

A website design or update

a website design, or update to your website  Very quickly within a week, I can fire up a professional-looking website, to the marketplace fully customised with your content, readily available and cost-effective. A website design, or update To your site,  providing a professional website layout and design to promote your business.  I […]

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DIY or Pro

Do you want a website? DIY or Pro?

Do you want a website? DIY or Pro? How best to spend your money? The client wants a professional website that will reflect their image and profile in the marketplace and is value for money. DIY Many clients believe that they can do it themselves, after all, loads of templates […]

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as easy as 1 2 3

It is easy on the internet with a website

Is it as easy as 1-2-3 on the internet to create a website, or is it? Steps: 1) Got (you’ve selected) a Theme to use, Got the right domain name and hosting site set up the email accounts 2) You then have entered all the images and content on the site and […]

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Choose – Custom or Tailored

 Choose – Custom or Tailored Choose Custom or Tailored When considering the main reason for a website is the presence of your portfolio/catalogue 24/7, it is imperative to select the best possible presentation reflecting the image of your product or service. Type of website The website can be a jam-packed […]

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content is king

Content is King

Content is King Overloaded or to the Point!! Single page or multiple pages – Content is King A website is a great medium, bear in mind the content is king. Lurking is the temptation to overload the site with lots of information covering all your product catalogues with a full description […]

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7 seconds is all you get

7 Seconds is all you get!

7 seconds is all you get! The challenge on website design starts right at the introduction to the site. What does the viewer see first…will it grab their attention, has it loaded quickly, I read you recently had 7 seconds maximum. The challenge is to develop a website, having all […]

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website layout

Website Content Management

Website Content Layout Management. Depends entirely on image or text-based website First, all you must take into account the adaptability and responsive nature of any layout, ensuring it is suitable to match the large screen sizes on large desktop screens to smaller smartphone screen and all sizes in between. Website […]

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