Make a Donation Form

Make a Donation Form – WPForms for Non Profit – Charity Organisations

How to Create a Nonprofit Donation Form in WordPress

You can create a donation form using WPForms, this versatile form maker enables you to design a form, and comes complete with a tutorial on how to make a donation form.

The donation form can be made suitable for UK Charity donations by adding Gift Aid, the Charity can then obtain an additional 25% from the exchequer, though only if the donor is a taxpayer.

I’ve put together a sample form, one of the great benefits of WPForms – you can change the layout and content to suit your needs.

NOTE: This form will be active to a point – but will not transmit when you press the submit button.

Donation Form
When you Gift Aid - Please provide your name and address - and you are a taxpayer
You can make single Donation with PayPal or Stripe, you can also set up a direct debit form a monthly donation
Please add sort code - account number

This is purely for demonstration purposes, to have the link to payment options and a few others you can buy the plugin at a discount, WPForms for NonProfits.

With WPForms you can customise the form, from a simple contact form, to take payments, register for events, enrol for newsletters, marketing and subscriptions. Plus be able to collect entries, for future correspondence or email marketing.
WPForms have spam protections.

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You’ll want this contact form for your website

WP Forms - Contact Forms

Does your website need a versatile contact form that is more than just send email messages?

If you do then you should look at WPForms as a solution.

Here are 10 uses for WPForms, Lots of other ready-made templates are available to create really quick forms with suggested fields. 

  1. Simple Contact form  – for your website contact us page
  2. Donation Layout – to raise funds for your charity or non-profit organisation
  3. Newsletter – to collect names for your email marketing strategy
  4. Membership form – to enrol members to your club – organisation
  5. Invitation form – a great way to announce an event and obtain responses on who will attend
  6. Payment form – subscription to a book club or pay for a booking
  7. Payment types – add payment by PayPal or Stripe to any form
  8. Create your own options – with multiple-choice – checkbox or dropdown
  9. Check for humans and spam – with reCaptcha
  10. GDPR compliance – checkbox to agree to details being kept

This is a great opportunity to win a licence for 12 months for WPForms valued at (29/05/2020 price) $199.50. Enter the prize raffle, with three lucky winners, will win a licence, during June 2020 and the winner will be announced as soon after 1st July 2020 or shortly afterwards. 

To learn more about WPForms

Must have plugins

Must-Have Plugins

Must-Have Plugins when creating a WordPress Website

When creating a new website design, here are some must-have plugins that will make your site more effective, increase revenue and profitability.
The website design must maximise the opportunities ensuring a great user experience by providing relevant data effectively and enabling 100% focus on pursuing your goals.

Must-have plugin – Monsterinsights

To maximise the effectiveness of your site, you must have analytical software. Monsterinsights will provide reports on the number of visits to your site; 
the source of the visitors and their behaviour, 
time on the site,
page visited, 
and general activity on your site.
Monsterinsights will enable a focused approach by providing the information on your current marketing plan and developing future strategies.
In Sales and Marketing (your website is such tool) it is vital at all times to collect details of interested parties in your product or service.

Must-have plugin – Optinmonster

The must-have is Optinmonster which can gather a great deal of information from the visitors to your site.
You want to capture some of the visitors who just pop in and surf off elsewhere, have had a look and no commitment. Optinmonster can capture these visitors by templates for;

You want to capture some of the visitors who just pop in and surf off elsewhere, have had a look and no commitment. Optinmonster can capture these visitors by templates for;
targeted offers, with forms that can be pop-up, or list
eye-catching offers or images
incentivised offers may be discounted or trial product or service 

incentivised offers may be discounted or trial product or service will ensure contact name completed.

Must-have plugin – WPForms

On every website its a must to have a contact page, with WPForms it is easy to create a simple form, name and email address and message.
WPForms is a truly flexible form maker that can be expanded to newsletter or payment linked to format, on other pages or footer or sidebar.
The power of these must-have plugins, when utilised will increase your conversion rate and revenue.


Must-have plugins - Monsterinsights


Must-have plugins - OptinMonster

WP Forms

must-have plugins WP Forms - Contact Forms

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one page website

One page website

This is a demonstration of what can be achieved on a one-page website, a rapid set up with all the information necessary to go to market on what we do, with products. contact details and social media links.

One Page Website.
what is achievable
on a single page

What we do

A single page site will  typically have:
Frontpage content
With Header image, logo, and full title
Introductory text and “about us” information
Full details and images to cover content, products and team pictures and scrollable single page.
Like this one for £125:00

One page Website

Hosting of the website
Will be hosted for 1 year and include a free domain name (available with as unique, address) taking advantage of a special offer fixed, 1-year deal.
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Website Hosting

TSO Domain Host
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email marketing
Email Marketing

responsive to screen sizes
Security and Backup
Website Analytics

Email set up

Email to Multiple Devices

Norm4webdesign will organise your email set up with domain name address.
The set up can be to read and write. on multiple devices, on desktop or smartphone or tablet.
Also, you can have the facility to log in from another remote computer to view your email via Webmail accessible from almost anywhere in the world.

Free Email

With a selected Domain Host, you can have Free Email and Email Forwarding.

Social Media

Social Media continues to grow

It a well know and expanding trend, publishers post
more content on social media.
It is possible when creating a website post to have a simultaneous link between to your website and social media sites, (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Enabling the opportunity to keep all channels up to date on your latest activities.


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Selecting a Domain Host for your website

Selecting a Domain Host for your Website

Selecting a Domain Host for your Website

To get your Website (Domain) on the internet, or www, you need a Domain host.

Selecting a Domain Host for your website

All Domain hosts have several packages available, many will have an introductory fee for a period and then rising to the true price afterwards.

On introduction, selecting the correct plan, with a new Domain Name – Website Name some will offer this free for 1 year, depending on the domain selected.

Website Size and Hosting requirements

The plans will state the typical size of the site in Gb – this will be reflected in the number of pages on the website and the content (images – pages – e-commerce) 

Bandwidth requirement – the number of users/data handling capacity

SSL – Secure Sockets Layer is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client

Domain Hosting with Email

The host should provide free email set up with the domain name i.e, yourname@websitename

Webmail – access your email on any computer, anywhere

Email forwarding – send email to another email address

.On my website I for domain hosting TSOhost, for this site and, I have used this host for many years.

For another website, we selected Domain Hosting with  Siteground and made a migration of the website to Siteground from another host.

The SSL, secure server status on TSOhost, is at a price, though they offer free encryption for a period.
Siteground offer full SSL as a standard with no extra cost.

Finally, the choice of Domain Hosting is yours and there are many to choose from in the marketplace, should you need any further information or assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.

Domain Hosting Services

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