Grammarly writing as its best

make your content great

Make your content great with Grammarly

A Demonstration of the Basics that Grammarly can do to make your content great

The Basic errors will be highlighted which makes it great

Mispellings and grammatical errors can effect your credibility. The same goes for misused commas, and other types of punctuation . Not only will Grammarly underline these issues in red, it will also showed you how to correctly write the sentence.

Underlines that are blue indicate that Grammarly has spotted a sentence that is unnecessarily wordy. You’ll find suggestions that can possibly help you revise a wordy sentence in an effortless manner.

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make your content great - Grammarly

Using Grammarly for my content management, for better user experience and confidence in writing in Newsletters and Website pages and correspondence, it’s a feature that rewards with fantastic benefits.

I have used Grammarly for a few months now and find it great for corrections to content, Grammar was never my strong point, but now as well as Spell Check, I have a bit more confidence when I write a blog. 

When I leave out punctuation or words that would better describe my content also it recommends changes when I have to flowery content. 

You install Grammarly in your browser and it makes the suggestions and corrections as you, it also available for use on Word documents and website design.

Must have plugins

Must-Have Plugins

Must-Have Plugins when creating a WordPress Website

When creating a new website design, here are some must-have plugins that will make your site more effective, increase revenue and profitability.
The website design must maximise the opportunities ensuring a great user experience by providing relevant data effectively and enabling 100% focus on pursuing your goals.

Must-have plugin – Monsterinsights

To maximise the effectiveness of your site, you must have analytical software. Monsterinsights will provide reports on the number of visits to your site; 
the source of the visitors and their behaviour, 
time on the site,
page visited, 
and general activity on your site.
Monsterinsights will enable a focused approach by providing the information on your current marketing plan and developing future strategies.
In Sales and Marketing (your website is such tool) it is vital at all times to collect details of interested parties in your product or service.

Must-have plugin – Optinmonster

The must-have is Optinmonster which can gather a great deal of information from the visitors to your site.
You want to capture some of the visitors who just pop in and surf off elsewhere, have had a look and no commitment. Optinmonster can capture these visitors by templates for;

You want to capture some of the visitors who just pop in and surf off elsewhere, have had a look and no commitment. Optinmonster can capture these visitors by templates for;
targeted offers, with forms that can be pop-up, or list
eye-catching offers or images
incentivised offers may be discounted or trial product or service 

incentivised offers may be discounted or trial product or service will ensure contact name completed.

Must-have plugin – WPForms

On every website its a must to have a contact page, with WPForms it is easy to create a simple form, name and email address and message.
WPForms is a truly flexible form maker that can be expanded to newsletter or payment linked to format, on other pages or footer or sidebar.
The power of these must-have plugins, when utilised will increase your conversion rate and revenue.


Must-have plugins - Monsterinsights


Must-have plugins - OptinMonster

WP Forms

must-have plugins WP Forms - Contact Forms

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Charity Fundraiser

Charity Fundraiser – Website

Website design offer as Charity Fundraiser

Charities are seeing a drop in donations I will provide a website and make a gift to charity.

At Norm4webdesign, I am offering a Website design offer as a Charity Fundraiser to help your business and, at the same time supporting the Kidney Research UK.

Do you need a professional, user-friendly (one-page) website for your business,  I’ve put together a package at a low price for a quality website, plus donate to charity?
I will design a website for you costing £125 and make a donation of £50 to charity.

As we are all reacting to these special circumstances how we communicate with our customers is essential.

I have over 10 years experience in building websites for a broad range of businesses and charities and is offering a fantastic low price whilst at the same time donating 33% of the cost to the Kidney Research UK.

From a quick consultation on the Charity Fundraiser

  • Establish your website requirements
  • Select a suitable domain relevant to your industry 
  • Arrange the website hosting for 1 year
  • Free Email as per name@example.
  • The website will be full Search Engine Optimised
  • Have a secure SSL certification – https://
  • We’ll tie in all your Social Media links – Facebook – Twitter
  • With a tailored Contact form, so that your customers can easily reach you when they need too.
  • Full contact details, name address etc.

STARTER ONE PAGE WEBSITE, with all of this for a fantastic price of £125 of which £50 is going to the NHS. (£75 set up fee, £50 goes directly to Kidney Research UK)

Typical Example of a ONE PAGE WEBSITE.

You need more than a ONE PAGE WEBSITE, we can discuss the contents and price, with a 33% donation still going to the Kidney Research UK.

internet presence

A new website or revamp?

A new website or revamp?

A new website or revamp your existing site, we can look at your site or requirements and make a proposal on what you will generate more user.

I’ve just jotted down a few pointers that we will consider during a discussion.
Need a new website or revamp here are some pointers to content management.

  • Domain Name
  • Content – information you want to publish
  • Presentation format – single page or brochure
  • Contact details: email, phone, location map
  • Posts or press releases regularly
  • Social Media links
  • Website Hosting
  • Purchase eCommerce content required
  • Your total budget allocated, for the cost of setting up and also ongoing maintenance

Norm4webdesign can help you build and create a great website that will truly enhance your products or services.

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website or social media

Social Media or Website – which is best

It may be easier to post on social media, rather than post on a website.

website or social media

Social Media or Website

With social media, it’s done! A real-time entry that immediately shows quick results and you can see the benefits, views and likes, within minutes or hours.

When taking a wider view, what is lost is the longevity, social media is short term, the post being pushed down by more recent posts and off-screen.
While if routed via a website the benefit is the post will be online and recorded in the website portfolio of posts/press releases and events, for a long time.

The Website portfolio can be viewed by prospects and subscribers to add to the sustainability and stature of the website owner, along with the other featured content of the website.

So developing a Content Management System, with post-social media discipline on the website, will result in publication simultaneously on the website and several social media sites.

The results in a win/win, views and likes on social media and a permanent record on the website.

I can take care of your website needs, you will be able to update and promote your brand to gain maximum coverage.

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