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Happy with your Domain Name

Are you Happy with your Domain Name

Happy with your domain name

If you are not happy with your existing domain name this can be changed, a new business or have had a website for some time check out these options.

At 123 Reg, you can register a domain name as well check out the variety of domain names available.

Happy with your domain name

How do you choose a domain name

You need a website name that can showcase your business, my domain name is Norm4webdesign, the norm for web design (hopefully you get it) achieving the objective of a related name to my industry and profession.

  • You can also have a suffix on your domain name, these terms can make it all be more relative:
  • Business: generic: com or me
  • Charity: org
  • Geographical: co.uk or UK or scot
  • Niche: XYZ or agency or photographer

The selection available I’m sure will lead to a satisfactory combination that is best for your business or organisation.

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WP Rocket Anniversary Promotion

Happy Anniversary WP Rocket

Happy Anniversary WP Rocket
– 25% Discount to Celebrate

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin

Happy Anniversary WP Rocket Promotion

WP Rocket Promotion 30th June, until the 7th July 2020, with a 25% discount, plus a giveaway to 2 subscribers each day.

With a giveaway contest with two winners, each day (16 winners total): each of them will receive an additional six months on their WP Rocket license; the two luckiest will receive an iPhone XR 64GB.

 WP Rocket is a premium WordPress plugin that makes websites load fast, in a few clicks.

With over 1,000,000 websites are already boosted by WP Rocket. It’s recognised as the most powerful caching plugin by WordPress experts, and also the best-rated premium caching plugin.

WP Rocket 3.6 release

WP Rocket new release

WP Rocket new release

WP Rocket for loading speed

WP Rocket – When it comes to optimising your website and its content to help with improving SEO, there are many areas to cover. 
You should make sure your blog posts are structured properly, that your site is easy to use, and that you do keyword research, and include keywords in your blog posts. 
But before planning a marketing strategy, you need to cover your bases;  you must look at your loading speed.


  • Critical Path CSS for Specific Pages
  • Critical Path CSS for Mobile
  • Preload Fonts
  • GZIP Compression for CSS and JS Files
  • Adieu to the Remove Query Strings Option

Go to WP Rocket release now

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin

monsterinsights analytics

The Best Website analytics with Monsterinsights

Website analytics with Monsterinsights

MonsterInsights: Install Google Analytics
to your WordPress site
could not be more straightforward.

Google Analytics on your website dashboard with Monsterinsights

Never before has it been this easy to have your website analytical data appear on your WordPress website.

  • The first steps on having analytics included in your website listed on Google
  • Open a Google account
  • Have your website verified
  • Open a Google Analytics account.

These are necessary steps to ensure your website listing with the Google search engine.

Instal the Monsterinsights plugin, and have the  Google Analytics results displayed on your website dashboard

  • Instal and activate
  • Go through wizard installation, stating your website category, business, organisation, etc.,
  • Link to your Google account and also to Google Analytics (set up above)
  • Only takes only a few minutes to set up.

Monsterinsights is available in a free version and a premium version, and depending on what statistical analysis and focus on the visitors want to for product or service.
It will become obvious when you install the free version and see how much more functionality you could have with the premium version.

With over 2M users, Monsterinsights is a well-tried,
tested and popular plugin,
a must-have on your website.

  • Monsterinsights has many features, the benefits being able to measure the traffic, assess visitors behaviour and their specific interest. 
  • Enable a more focused and target approach to your website content. 
  • Measure the user experience and in turn, increase your business or service exposure and increase your turnover.

Make a Donation Form

Make a Donation Form – WPForms for Non Profit – Charity Organisations

How to Create a Nonprofit Donation Form in WordPress

You can create a donation form using WPForms, this versatile form maker enables you to design a form, and comes complete with a tutorial on how to make a donation form.

The donation form can be made suitable for UK Charity donations by adding Gift Aid, the Charity can then obtain an additional 25% from the exchequer, though only if the donor is a taxpayer.

I’ve put together a sample form, one of the great benefits of WPForms – you can change the layout and content to suit your needs.

NOTE: This form will be active to a point – but will not transmit when you press the submit button.

Donation Form
When you Gift Aid - Please provide your name and address - and you are a taxpayer
You can make single Donation with PayPal or Stripe, you can also set up a direct debit form a monthly donation
Please add sort code - account number

This is purely for demonstration purposes, to have the link to payment options and a few others you can buy the plugin at a discount, WPForms for NonProfits.

With WPForms you can customise the form, from a simple contact form, to take payments, register for events, enrol for newsletters, marketing and subscriptions. Plus be able to collect entries, for future correspondence or email marketing.
WPForms have spam protections.

Raffle Prize WPForms
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