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7 seconds is all you get

7 seconds is all you get!

The challenge on website design starts right at the introduction to the site.

What does the viewer see first and grabs their attention, has it loaded quickly, I read you recently had 7 seconds maximum.

The challenge is to develop a website, having all the content (images and text) that when the user hits the key, all you have 7 seconds, any longer and their gone.

So what must your site do within those 7 seconds, the layout is vitally essential, and content must be optimized not to delay the upload.

For desktop, showing immediately on the screen that is above the fold, or the content initially to view before you have to scroll down, must reflect the material allow the viewer to appreciate what’s on offer.

For phone/tablet, similarly, original content must be responsive to the smaller screen size, though it should still meet the pressures for rapid loading.

Internet Speed
Though the factor for mobile signal speed can influence the response time, so a lightweight intro content on the “grab their attention” is essential.

Must see
The content must have the name of the site, maybe picture + logo showing corporate heading and a menu tab, what you also do an easily reachable contact page>>>for email or phone contact.

That’s it
What does the viewer see
will it grab their attention?
Retain their interest?
Will it all happen fast enough?
In 7 seconds!!

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Load in 7 Seconds is all you get!

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